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April Agenda

Minutes of Board of Directors Meetings & Committee Reports

Virginia’s USAS Convention Delegation
receiving a check for renewing the LSC’s LEAP 2 status
Committee reports
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Approved Minutes February Minutes General Chair
Executative Director
Disability Report
Admin Vice Chair
Coaches Committee
Athlete Committee Technical Planning Policies & Procedures
Diversity / Inclusion Safe Sport Club Development VSI Mission Statement Officials Chair Operational Risk
Senior Committee report
Finance Budget
Endownment Fund
Open Water VSI Zone Team Age Group Committee Hall of Fame
Archieved Rules /Regulations
Also, attached is the Consent Agendas. 
This is a process we should be using with greater effort to allow us to move more quickly through our meetings.  Having everyone ready for discussion on items requiring decisions/deliberation is important. Providing the necessary background information early enough for board members to review will help move the meeting along more efficiently. Routine items we must handle at our board meetings can be handled quickly through the consent agenda process. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Bryan VSI
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