Virginia Swimming strives for Excellence!
We will:
  • Provide opportunities for swimmers of all abilities to achieve to the highest level of their capability through effective, innovative and inspired events and programs.
  • Support and sustain excellence among all non-athlete members through education, encouragement, and recognition.
  • Embody the highest standards of sportsmanship and, in recognition that swimming is but one part of our existence, promote those values that lead to success in all aspects of life.

Virginia Swimming, Inc. is the local governing body for competitive swimming in our geographic territory (Commonwealth of Virginia, except the Counties of Arlington and Fairfax and Cities of Alexandria and Falls Church; and in the State of North Carolina, the Counties of Camden, Currituck, and Pasquotank, as well as the team OBX in Dare County). Virginia Swimming is one of fifty-nine (59) Local Swimming Committees (LSCs), one of twelve (12) LSCs comprising the Eastern Zone (one of four (4) geographic regions of the country (Eastern, Southern, Central and Western), of USA Swimming, the National Governing Body for competitive swimming in the United States. In accordance with the Amateur Sports Act, USA Swimming sets rules for meets, establishes safety procedures, sets criteria for achievement levels, administers USA's national swimming teams, and promotes competitive swimming through research, education, and marketing. USA Swimming boasts approximately 300,000 members in about 2,800 member clubs.

In accordance with the standards, rules, regulations, and policies and procedures of USA Swimming, the Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur (FINA), Virginia Swimming, Inc. and its Certificate of Incorporation, we have jurisdiction over the sport of competitive swimming and are responsible for the conduct and administration of swimming events within our geographic territory. In this capacity, Virginia Swimming formulates rules, establishes policies and procedures, conducts swimming meets and other programs, and disseminates information to the membership.

Virginia Swimming is organized according to the representative and participatory principles of USA Swimming. Our House of Delegates consists of member Club representatives, elected Athlete and Coach Representatives, members of the Board of Directors and at-large House of Delegate members. The House of Delegates is responsible for managing the affairs of Virginia Swimming and for the establishment of policies, procedures and programs. The House of Delegates meets twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. During the intervals between meetings of the House of Delegates, our Board of Directors, which is composed of elected officers and committee chairpersons, is charged with the responsibility for making decisions for the LSC.

Virginia Swimming is committed to offering a balanced competitive swimming program for athletes of all ages and ability levels. In addition to offering an annual program of swimming meets for athletes at every level, we also offer unique educational and training opportunities and experiences to our member athletes, coaches and volunteers in the form of local, regional and national level swimming camps, workshops and clinics. Virginia Swimming has about 6,000 registered athletes, about 250 registered coaches, about 400 certified officials, and approximately 100 other registered volunteers participating in about 50 member clubs ranging in size from less than 10 athletes to over 700 athletes.

We have swimmers of all ages and abilities -- from novice to National Championship / Olympic Trials finalists!

Build the Base  -  Promote the Sport    Achieve Competitive Success

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