(In 2013, USA Swimming approved a fee increase of $2 each year in 2015-2024 for Athletes and Non-Athletes.)
All clubs, athletes, and non-athletes participating in Virginia Swimming must register annually with the LSC.

2020-2021 Registration Instructions
Links for Registration
Clubs Athletes Coaches & Non-Athletes
USA Swimming Club Application Premium Member Registration Form Non- Athlete Registration Form
Registration Summary Flex Member Registration Form

Seasonal Member Registration Form

All forms can be filled out online by first saving the form to your computer, filling in the blanks, and then saving it again.

Transfer Requirements: Athletes who move from another Local Swim Committee (LSC) to Virginia Swimming or who switch clubs within the LSC, or who decide to compete unattached during the calendar year must complete and submit a Transfer Request Form. This form must be submitted to the Virginia Swimming office.


Virginia Swimming 2018-2019 Club Registration Statistics

Last Modified: Questions / comments?  Please contact  Mary Turner, Registration Chair.